We offer you our LH2, a luxury Sailing Yacht, the perfect platform to cruise, discover, enjoy the Balearic Islands.

Visiting unique places with an experienced crew that knows where to sail in all weather conditions, enjoying healthy, delicious meals on board, practicing sports and activities that balance your day, and sailing in a wonderful yacht that offers you safety, comfort and speed.

We have acquired, refitted and equipped a first class sailing yacht ready to take you to a wonderful experience.


Come and sail with us, you will repeat

We have prepared some very interesting itineraries that you will love.


Travel with us

3 June, 2021

28-31/05/2021 First Trekking & Sailing of the Season

21 May, 2021

15/05/21 Cami de Cavals

15 May, 2021

13/05/21 The Season Beguins