A typical day

Waking up

You will wake up in a sheltered cala, or at a marina of your chioice, after a resting sleep in a top-quality bed. Your breakfast will be ready, or almost ready. You can have a swim before breakfast, or perhaps a bit of SU paddle, or a run or a walk (for example in the lovely Cami de Cavallas that surrounds Menorca).

Breakfast will be healthy, plenty with a good mix of sweet & salty, fruits, teas & coffees…

After Breakfast, we will usually set sail to our next destination. We will offer you some options to choose from.


LH2 sails nicely, very nicely, elegant, fast and comfortable. You will have a chance to participate in the sailing or to lay down and relax, read…

Reaching our destination, which can be the one for the day or just an intermediate one, we will offer you the chance to bring you with our dinghy to a nice beach, you can snorkel in pristine waters, you can practice sailing with our sailing dinghy, or you can discover the area in our 40 HP dinghy.

A light lunch will follow with salads and finger food.

Time for a siesta, for relaxing, for more beach or sports… your choice.

Then, if our destination is another spot, we will sail there. On arrival you would like to practice a bit of yoga? We love it. Or a walk, or some shopping… there are numerous opportunities.

The evening

In the evening, you will enjoy a lovely dinner on board, with local fish, delicious meat, pasta, rice, always good. As we will have asked you your likes and no likes, we will have chosen a menu that you will enjoy. It is the time for nice chatting, among the guests and with us as we will be there if you wish so. Perhaps a drink, watching the stars…

Alternatively, you will have decided to have dinner in a nearby restaurant. We will have given you our advice (we know the Island since ever) and will have help you with the reservation. We will bring you ashore and pick you up afterwards.

After a day of sun, water, activities, a good sleep is assured.

The Menus

We will get to know your tastes and design a menu that fulfils them. In the Balearic Islands you can find delicious fresh fish, local lobsters or gambas, clams. It is home of tasteful vegetables, cheese meat and wine. If you prefer more international cuisine we can offer oriental or traditional dishes.

You will start the day with a breakfast containing the choices you like, be it yoghurts, fresh fruits, juices, eggs, cereals...

During the day you will be offered to the drinks and appetizers you like.

Meals are to be enjoyed, you will be able to choose your wine or champagne from the wine refrigerator, the ice maker will provide enough supply to maintain the perfect temperature even on the hottest day.